2021 Election Results

The Moore County Democratic Party encourages Democrats to actively participate in our local government and run for office.  

Congratulations on your electoral success!

Ronald McDonald, Mayor-Elect of Pinebluff

Ann Petersen, Councilwoman-Elect in Southern Pines

Wilma Laney, Re-Elected Commissioner in Aberdeen

Gary Samuels, Councilman-Elect in Foxfire

We offer our gratitude to George H. Wilson Jr., Kevin Lewis, Mike Saulnier, Dean Kalles, Richard Casey, Ernestine Maccari for running for office in your communities.

Early Voting turnout by Site – https://www.moorecountync.gov/images/departments/board-of-elections/OS_Turnout.pdf

Un-Official Municipal Election Results for Moore – https://er.ncsbe.gov/?election_dt=11/02/2021&county_id=63&office=ALL&contest=0