GOP Rep Lies About “Secret Maps” and Cheats With Closed Door “Strategy Sessions”

News and Observer: “a top Republican redistricting leader said on the witness stand that he had used secret maps, drawn by someone else, to guide his work.”

Yesterday, Republican Rules Chairman Rep. Destin Hall was caught lying and cheating after admitting to using “secret maps” to draw new districts, according to reporting from WRAL.

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What do these secret maps that contributed to the future of our state contain? According to Hall they have been “lost and no longer exist.”

In Rep. Hall’s own words, “the map you draw has got to be the one that you do in here [the live-streamed room] and nowhere else and that it’s up to the members and their integrity.” Now, despite Republican leaders’ many promises (hereherehere, etc.) that they are taking “unprecedented” steps to facilitate the “most transparent redistricting process in state history,” they have once again lied and cheated in attempts to stack the deck in their favor. Integrity.

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