Our Response

Our response to a recent (April 21 @ 3:53PM) post by Robert M. Levy, current Moore County Board of Education member, on Facebook (facebook.com/GOPChairman) attacking Moore County Board of Education at-large candidates Rollie Sampson and Robin Calcutt.

The Moore County Democratic Party opposes partisanship on nonpartisan boards, including the Moore County Board of Education.

We oppose policies and candidates who would seek to wield a partisan agenda on a board that is nonpartisan by law.

We oppose undermining the great Moore County and American education system.

We oppose the flagrant partisanship, ineptitude, divisiveness, and lack of an in-depth understanding of the issues facing the Moore County Schools shown by at-large candidates Pauline Bruno and Ken Benway.

We will unite with all of our neighbors—Democratic voters, Republican voters and Unaffiliated voters alike—in support of Moore County Schools and the American ideals we cherish.

Maurice Holland, Jr., Chair