Congressional Candidate Ben Clark

NC 9th Congressional Democratic Candidate Ben Clark

I was prepared to retire from public life after five terms in the NC Senate, where I passed $500 tuition for FSU and UNCP, a $15/hour minimum wage for state workers, teacher pay raises, and the elimination of state tax on military retirement income.

Then January 6 happened.

Like many of you, I was watching in real time when crowds stormed the capitol, disrupted the certification of a free and fair election, and engaged in hand-to-hand combat with our brave law enforcement officers, which led to the deaths of five of these heroes.

I couldn’t believe it.

Even more unbelievable, my congressman was on their side every step of the way! The same day, he voted with them to overturn a free election, the hallmark of American democracy, calling it his “solemn duty.” And, he asked the Supreme Court to overturn a legitimate election, which of course their oath wouldn’t allow them to do.

The decision was an easy one. 

More than 40 years ago, in 1981, I raised my hand and took an oath to protect this democracy from all enemies. I spent 20 years on active duty in the U.S. Air Force, serving around the world in many of the NATO countries that today are still holding the line against the march of anti-democratic forces, just as we did back then.

I retired from the Air Force as a Lt. Col. and for the past 20 years, I’ve worked at Ft. Bragg, where I was born, preparing our troops to do what I did – defend our nation and our democratic way of life. 

You see, protecting democracy is not a campaign slogan for me. 

It’s in my blood. 

It was instilled in me by my father – a retired Army aviator who flew combat missions in Vietnam. He believes America is worth fighting for – and so do I. So, that’s why I’m running. Whether in the military, the Congress, or wherever the mission leads, as long as I’m able, I will fight to protect and defend this great nation. 

Join me in the fight.

Clark for Congress

Ben Clark is a member of the NC Senate, representing Hoke and Cumberland Counties. Ben was commissioned in the US Air Force in 1981 and served 20 years at duty stations around the world. Ben has spent the last 20 years at Ft. Bragg, where he was born, preparing the next generation of soldiers to protect and defend American democracy. Ben is a commonsense Democrat running for Congress on a Family First Agenda. 
Use of Senator Clark’s military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Air Force or the Department of Defense.
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