Richard Hudson’s Turn to Explain

When the FBI executed a lawful search warrant at Mar-A-Lago, Rich Hudson and the Republicans rushed to the media to rile up the MAGA base and get them angry enough to commit violence.

At least one of them heard Hudson’s and other Republican’s words clearly. An armed man tried to breach the FBI field office in Cincinnati; hours later he was dead – a victim of Hudson’s and other Republican’s rush to judgment that put the FBI, Secret Service and other law enforcement at greater risk.

At the time, in an already charged environment, Hudson raged, “The Attorney General has some explaining to do. This is unbelievable.”

Yesterday, the DOJ – led by the Attorney General – obliged Hudson and “explained” the reason for the extraordinary steps. Donald Trump had more than 100 clearly marked classified documents – containing our nation’s highest secrets – in several places throughout Mar-A-Lago. They were by no means secure.

The documents were mixed in with his personal effects as though they belong to him, rather than the American people.

Officials had been trying discreetly to recover the materials for months.
Trump and his team lied about being in possession of secrets so sensitive they should only be viewed in a SCIF. 
Photo: AP

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Now, it’s Hudson’s turn to explain
Why did he rush to judgment against our law enforcement community and put their lives at greater risk?
Why hasn’t he called for calm and asked his base to respect our law enforcement community?
Why hasn’t he condemned the mishandling of top-secret materials?
After Hillary Clinton was accused of mishandling classified materials, Hudson said she, “cannot be president.” Will he now say that Trump is also disqualified from running again?
Hudson demanded that Merrick Garland explain himself and he’s done so. Now it’s Hudson’s turn. 

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