Ben Clark’s Response to Raleigh Shooting

Yesterday evening thousands of Americans in Wake Co. and around NC sat riveted to the TV, watching as yet another mass shooting event moved ever closer to home.

When the dust settled, five people – including a law enforcement officer – were allegedly shot and killed by a 15-year-old boy with far too easy access to guns. Still others are in critical condition at area hospitals.

For five hours on Tuesday, a child held an entire county hostage. Roads were closed; residents were warned to get inside and stay there until the shooter could be subdued.

Afterward, Gov. Cooper expressed the sentiments of so many: “No neighborhood, no parent, no child, no one should feel this fear in their communities. We’re standing with the victims and their families in this moment of unspeakable agony.”

The truth is we do feel this fear, and the agony, and the anger. The question now is what we do about it.

In June, President Biden signed bipartisan, sensible, gun-safety and mental health reform legislation. It did not take a single gun from any law-abiding, responsible gun owner. It had the support of both NC Senators, Thom Tillis and Richard Burr.

Still, any gun-safety bill is too radical for Rich Hudson. Hudson is a top-10 recipient of funding from the gun lobby; they don’t let him vote YES to any gun-safety legislation, no matter how modest, reasonable, or bipartisan.
Two weeks after that no vote, he then voted NO to funding and Active Shooter Alert system that would notify moms and dads – including servicemembers overseas – of an active shooter at their kids’ schools.

Again, this is reasonable gun-safety legislation that doesn’t take a single gun away from a responsible gun owner, but Hudson has to vote NO to keep his deep-pocketed funders happy.

Early voting starts in six days. We have one shot to remove Hudson and his radical, far-right agenda from Congress and replace him with a responsible gun owner, who will support responsible gun ownership in Congress – Ben Clark

Please vote early and take some folks with you.
Safe schools and safe communities are counting on you. 
Contribute $20.22 to Stand Up to Hudson and the Gun Lobby
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