Surprising Reactions

The Pilot – Letter to the Editor, Sunday, March 11 

Anyone reading the Feb. 26 edition of The Pilot should be appalled at the article termed “Bill Aims at Pinehurst Moratorium.” The article states that state Sen. Tom McInnis filed a bill to limit Pinehurst’s ability to institute building moratoriums.

Public hearings are held to determine the fate of the town. Mayor John Strickland said they followed state laws when they adopted and did extensions on the moratoriums that were in place. The residents were not opposed, according to the mayor.

It should be noted: McInnis moved to Pinehurst from Richmond County in 2021 around the time the GOP did the remapping. McInnis talks about the district and citizens he represents and states they have been abused and that the moratorium currently in place caused him to seek an immediate relief for the citizens of Pinehurst.

The bill proposed by McInnis pertains to Pinehurst and the village. However, new limits on all local governments would not be out of the question, according to McInnis.

As I continued to read, two more articles received my attention regarding our Moore County commissioners and two incidents where anti-semitic banners were hung in Moore County.

At the Feb. 21 commissioners meeting, Chairman Nick Picerno said, “Hate has no place anywhere on any subject.” He follows that up with it “was really a Vass town issue, not so much a Moore County issue.”

Come on, man! Vass IS in Moore County, as are Cameron, Carthage and Little River.

Malcolm Hall