Maurice Holland, Jr., Chair


Our purpose is to promote the principles of the Democratic Party: opportunity for economic advancement, quality living conditions, equal and fair treatment under the law, and an adequate system of critical public services for all current and future residents of the USA. We will pursue this purpose by publicly advocating federal, state and local policies that will achieve our goals; supporting individuals for public office who believe in those policies; and actively engaging in community efforts to address situations inconsistent with our purpose.

Core Values

Make a strong commitment to community well-being. Individual interests cannot outweigh the interests of the larger community. Eliminate all forms of discrimination and provide equality of opportunity for all Americans. Provide bridges for individuals of limited means to improve their economic standing and, as necessary, create social safety nets so that everyone can maintain a decent standard of living. Ensure that subsequent generations will be able to have at least as good, and hopefully, a better life than those who preceded them. Ensure that all eligible residents have an opportunity to participate in our election and governing processes. Maintain a strong system of public services that ensures the safety and well being of the general public.


Unify eligible voters in Moore County into an effective voting bloc that elects candidates for local office who support an effective public education system, responsible growth that maintains a viable eco-system for current and future generations of residents, and employment opportunities that provide excellent services and a good standard of living for all County residents.


  • Eliminate the gap between the percent of registered Democrats and Republicans who vote in elections (currently 5-7% in favor of the Republicans).
  • Increase the number of registered voters in the County who support the mission and core values of the Party.
  • Increase our participation in community-based efforts to respond to high priority needs throughout the County.
  • Increase the public awareness of the values, policies and priorities of the Democratic Party.
  • Increase the number of candidates for local offices who support the vision of the MCDP and can be actively supported by registered Democrats.